Velocity’s full range of of due diligence services

Velocity’s full range of due diligence services enable owners, investors and financiers to fully understand the true condition and worth of commercial real estate properties to help streamline the deal closing process.

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Environmental Services

Our environmental due diligence services document known and potential site conditions that could result in future risk and liabilities that can affect property value.

We conduct in-depth, physical inspections for environmental risks such as soil and water contamination, asbestos, mold and vapor intrusion. We also research the site’s ownership history by examining maps and historical records for previous occupants, as well as state, federal, local (even tribal) databases records.

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Our Environmental Services include:

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

Third-Party Report Reviews / Desktop Reviews

Mold Inspections

Vapor Intrusion Surveys

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Our Experienced Team

Our team of experienced environmental scientists, engineers, architects and analysts combine technical and regulatory expertise with an innate understanding of commercial real estate and can produce reports that are both detailed and easy to understand for informed decision making.

Often, the result of our research conducted during our Phase I assessments precludes the need for a Phase II investigation—saving our clients considerable time, money and effort.