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About Velocity Consulting

Velocity Consulting is a full-service real estate due diligence consulting firm, founded in 1998 by Santha Wanigasinghe, Laura DiGiovanni and Douglas Unger, who together possess over 60 years of due diligence consulting experience.

As our name says, Velocity is all about speed.

We are a highly efficient organization with the resources and expertise to foresee and avoid problems that can delay or even kill a deal, helping our clients save a great deal of time, money and aggravation.

Our unique approach to due diligence consulting goes beyond the industry standard. We take a very active role and work closely with the client, lender, regulatory agency and other parties to ensure properties and conditions are thoroughly researched, and that all reports are accurate and delivered on-time.

We typically produce Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and Property Condition Assessments (PCAs) within two weeks and Third-Party Report Reviews within three days.

But we are as just as committed to accuracy as we are to speed. Over the years, we have earned a reputation for producing technical reports, third-party reviews and recommendations that are extremely accurate, precise and actionable, and have helped close thousands of real estate deals each year.