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And as our name says, Velocity is all about speed.

We are a full-service commercial real estate due diligence consulting firm, with a proven reputation for providing quick turnaround on Phase I engineering and environmental reports to meet the strictest deadlines—and secure the financing required to complete the deal.  Our reports and recommendations are thoroughly researched and accurate to aid in decision-making, minimize risk exposure, and avoid any last-minute surprises that can delay or negate a deal. Often, our Phase I research is so thorough, it precludes the need for a Phase II investigation—helping our clients save thousands of dollars in unnecessary inspections and assessments.  We have evaluated billions of dollars in real estate and conduct thousands of assessments each year for a wide range of clients that include leading banking, insurance, mortgage and finance companies. With our considerable expertise, you can be confident that our engineering and environmental reports will be truthful, accurate and in accordance with ASTM standards and the specific project scope of work criteria.  With offices in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, we’re large enough to assess multiple properties simultaneously from coast-to-coast, yet small enough to provide responsive, personal service, where your phone calls are always returned by the next business day.

At Velocity Consulting, your deal IS a big deal to us. We invite you to learn more.